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A preferred education partner of the Indiana State Police

Indiana Tech and the Indiana State Police have partnered to make tuition even more affordable for troopers and staff members – both current and retired – and their spouses who wish to advance their education.

Corporate Scholarships for Eligible Participants

As part of this agreement, eligible participants will receive a scholarship equivalent to 20 percent of their tuition cost. Contact your personal admissions representative, Jackson Huff or call 317.466.2121, ext. 4108 to get started today.

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Experiential Credit for Academy Training

Current or retired troopers looking to take advantage of this benefit can transfer up to 51 credit hours from their academy training toward their degree and receive the corporate scholarship for coursework to complete the degree.

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If You Are Ready, Apply Now for Free

Your educational goals are in sight and the pursuit begins now. Click on the appropriate link below to apply.

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