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Technical Requirements

Students taking an online course must have a computer that is capable of connecting to and interacting in a Canvas online class. In order to use Canvas effectively, it is recommended that students meet the following technical and proficiency requirements:

Technical Requirements


  • A computer that can connect to the Internet by high-speed access (DSL, cable, fiber).


  • A laptop or desktop computer running a Windows, or Mac OS X operating system.
  • Your monitor resolution is set to 1280×1024 or higher for best results.
  • A computer that has a 1GHz processor speed with at least 2GB RAM.
  • A webcam, and speakers (optional).


  • Windows OS (8.1, 10, 11) or Mac OS X (last three versions)
  • A word processing program that can save files in docx format. Note that IT Services offers Office 365 free of charge for all current Indiana Tech students. Alternatives include LibreOffice, Google Docs, and Pages.
  • Internet Browser
    • Chrome – latest two versions (Recommended)
    • Firefox – latest two versions (Recommended)
    • Safari – latest two versions (Mac only)
    • Edge – latest two versions
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF reader.
  • Javascript enabled in your Internet browser.

User Proficiencies

Computer and Operating System Skills

  • Uploading files from a personal computer to the web.
  • Downloading files and saving them to a computer or storage device.
  • Sending and receiving emails.
  • Able to use Microsoft Word and/or Excel in order to complete required course assignments.
  • Able to identify different file formats and their corresponding software applications.

Web Browsing Skills

  • Ability to use an internet browser.
  • Ability to identify and follow hyperlinks.
  • Ability to enter web addresses (URLs).
  • Ability to complete and submit online forms.

Technical Support

If you have questions or concerns about meeting the minimum technical or proficiency requirements listed above, please contact for assistance.